Get the Expert-Approved Lowdown On the Wedding

Dear guest,

We’re excited and honored that you will be attending the wedding of Daniel Rosehill and Hannah Schneiderman at the Scots Guesthouse this summer!

We’ll be posting some details about the couple here soon as well as on the official wedding blog, which is currently in final development.

In the meantime, here’s some information about the couple, the venue, and Jerusalem!

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Joseph L. Greene

Guest Relations Team

Your 5 Minute Primer On The Happy (?) Couple!

Old high school acquaintance? Accidental invite that made it on the list because of a Mailchimp blunder?

Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a dossier containing everything you need to pretend to know Daniel and Hannah at the wedding!

Who is Daniel?

Name: H.E. Mr. Daniel S. Rosehill Esq. (correct mode of address: “Your Excellency, Esquire Daniel”).

Born: Dublin, Ireland

Occupation: Business writer

Nusah: Self-affiliated edot hamizrah

Favorite foods: Anything incendiary. Highly partial to Indian and Ethiopian fare. Attempted, unsuccessfully, to procure goat meat for the wedding. Latest obsession is tahini. Hates anything bland.

Favorite drinks: Authentically prepared Turkish coffee (no ‘cafe botz‘ does not count). Arak! The most bitter IPA on the menu. Partial to flaunting his oenophile credentials by remarking that a half-drunk bottle of wine is “slightly ullaged.”

Known for: Being highly particular about everything. Requiring at least four days consecutive holiday to relax. Scams. Operating aliases. Being humorous but of a decidedly cantankerous nature.

Happy places: “Battlestation” (resisting urge to include specs). The shuk at night. In front of coffee machine. Bars without smokers and background music.

Happy memories: Convening a formal Chinese tea ceremony. Surfing. University.

Likes: Learning. Reading. Procrastinating in atypical ways. Being unnecessarily private and trying to cultivate an aura of mystery. Linux (yes, he is one of those!). Buying domain names. Vexillology. Flying and airplanes.

Music: Everything ethnic (including Mizrahi!) as well as classical music and opera.

Guilty pleasures: Eden Ben Zaken (her music, that is). Unnecessary online shopping.

Dislikes: Travelling. Minor changes to daily routine. Dogs.

Dream destination: Long term: India. More immediately: visiting the Pelagie Islands, an Italian archipelago Daniel accidentally discovered while nonchalantly examining the Mediterranean Sea in Google Maps. This appeals to Daniel mostly because it is obscure.

Recent Achievements: Living in Jerusalem for almost five years and only having succumbed partially to insanity. Bench pressing a lot.

Latest fad: Keeping an audio diary for personal development.

Bio: Daniel is a marketing writer (specifically a ghostwriter, which means that he writes under other people’s names). He chose to demonstrate his aptitude for his profession by making an elaborate campaign out of this wedding. He is solely responsible for the spam you have been receiving by email, social media, robocall, post, SMS, Spotify, and WhatsApp over the past few months. Daniel’s other strange interests include languages, flags and hoarding vast quantities of dried goods; his normal ones include technology, entrepreneurship, and travel. He has injected a Paleo Hebrew / Biblical theme to the wedding.

Professional background: Now self-employed (does not use a word that begins in ‘f’ and ends with ‘lance’ to describe his employment status). Previously managed marketing communications (MarCom) at two SaaS companies. Founded and sold a university news website.

Other projects:

Who is Hannah?

Full answers coming soon!

Name: Hannah Schneiderman

Born: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Architect

Nusach: Ashkenazi

Favorite foods: Hannah is an excellent cook well-known for hosting banquets at her former residence, the Nahar Prat Innovation Center. She specializes in French dishes — infused with an Oriental twist.

Favorite drinks: Kava, wine.

Known for: Managing to create a self-irrigating garden in a 20 square meter apartment. Culinary prowess. Inspiring Daniel to coin the acronym KBC (Kentucky Bucket of Chicken) for her home-prepared fried chicken extravaganzas.

Happy places: Architecture tour. Museums.

Happy memories: None.

Likes: Truffle oil, raw fish, architecture, buildings, history, reading.

Bio: Hannah is an architect. She is also a homebrewer (sample some of her output at the wedding!), a design enthusiast, and is passionate about Jerusalem. More details to follow soon.


Guilty pleasures: Spending far too much on sushi and raw fish.


Dream destinations:

Bio: Hannah likes architecture.

And Now…. Some Pictures of Daniel and Hannah

Will You #Answerthecall?

From The Engagement Archives

Some Obscure Photos from Daniel

More more great pics and content, visit Daniel’s tech blog

It may not have been clear from the bio how strange his interests are.

Hannah’s Photo Content

Is on the way

Our official hashtags

Whether you’re posting to Instagram or Twitter, please use the official wedding hashtags, #danhanwedding and #weddingofalifetime

Original / high-resolution imagery for guest download will appear on the galleries page several days after the wedding.

Some Questions You May Have

What’s up with the funny writing?

Even if you don’t know Hebrew, you probably worked out that the seal and wedding flag do not bear the modern characters. That’s because the Hebrew alphabet we base those upon is an ancient form of Hebrew known as Paleo Hebrew, a variant that was in daily use during the Temple era. This was important to the couple as it evokes and reflects a Biblical theme.

Who are the Guest Relations Team?

The Guest Relations Team is your first point of contact if you need any help prior to, or during, the wedding. Whether you need to amend an on-site hotel reservation, cancel your participation in Xperience, or simply ask for directions, there’ll be a friendly voice willing and able to help. You can reach them via an online helpdesk or by calling their hotline.

Please tell me more about the wedding flag.

Why, of course! The wedding flag is based closely upon the flag of the City of Jerusalem, and contains the same shades of blue and gold as the municipal flag does. It also contains three horizontal iterations of the Jerusalem city emblem, a lion emblazoned upon a backdrop of the Western Wall. The top third of the flag contains ‘Daniel’ written in Paleo Hebrew while the lower third contains ‘Hannah’.

Why have you been harassing me by email and WhatsApp for the past few months?

As it says in Pirkei Avot “the day is short, and the work is plentiful”. When Daniel and Hannah set an ambitious six month engagement from proposal to wedding, they knew that it would be tough to get the word out in time. A highly aggressive promotional strategy was agreed upon and Daniel went into PR and guerilla marketing overdrive, going to such lengths as producing a series of short creepy promotional videos narrated by a TTS robot, launching what may be the first ever pre-wedding podcast, and distributing thousands of automated emails, robocalls, and text messages to shore up interest for the event among “preinvitees”. Daniel accepts and regrets that he may have overstepped the bounds of decorum, good taste, data protection, and personal privacy during these efforts and asks forgiveness of those who felt unreasonably hassled by this unconventional outreach strategy.


1) The Promotional Hall of Fame

The wedding promo effort may have been the latest, but it certainly wasn’t from the first. Some oldies from the DSR archives — countless sadly lost to the ravages of intentional deletions and the passage of digital time.

Wedding mascots, Coco Backler, Dan Chung