Guests of Honour (GOT) Awardees

The following exemplary individuals were awarded Guest of Honor (GOH) status at the wedding of Daniel and Hannah due to their outstanding contributions to the wedding planning effort. GOH awardees can avail themselves of a complementary falafel and pita sandwich, redeemable from Falafel HaMelekh only, from the commencement of Xperience until the wedding.

Peter DuffyHead of Delegation, IrelandMr. Duffy has used his extraordinary organizational skills to good effect during the build up to the wedding.
Eoin DineenConsular Liaison, IrelandMr. Dineen is on hand 24/7 to assist members of the Irish delegation who have lost their passport, become incarcerated, or become insane.
Brendan Finucane Responsible Enjoyment Officer (REO)Brendan is on hand to advise attendees on matters such as healthy eating, the perils of overindulgence, and how to safely apply suncream.
Esther HershkyChief Social EngagerEsther merits Guest of Honor (GOH) status due to her assiduous liking of every Instagram post. Her appointment also conveniently shields the Guest Relations Team from any gender discrimination charges related to the compilation of this list.
Ian ChisholmLocal Cultural InterpreterFollowing his recent participation in the Summit of the Three (SOT3) civic-led trilateral municipal dialogue session, Mr. Chisholm is uniquely positioned to interpret and explain local cultural norms.