Wedding Seal

The official wedding seal is based upon the letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, a predecessor of the current Hebrew script used during Biblical times.

It bears the names Daniel (top row) and Hannah (bottom row) enclosed by a laurel wreath.

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Wedding Flag

The official standard of the wedding is the wedding seal centered upon a blue background.

Its colors are defined as follows:

Blue: RGB 0,134,189 (RGBA: 0086beff)

Gold: RGB 241,211,96 (RGBA: f1d360ff)

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Personal Standards

During the wedding festivities, one may also catch a glance at Daniel’s personal standard which features the letters daleth and reish in the same Ancient Hebrew.

The intricate rituals of flag protocol are woven in to the very fabric of Middle Eastern festivities.

Before marriage, the groom’s personal standard is traditionally flown to the right of the wedding banner (facing the viewer) to signify that he is still the epicenter of his world. Thirty minutes after the conclusion of the huppah, or at tzeit hakochavim, whichever comes first, the groom’s standard is then moved to the left of the wedding standard, signifying that his new marital union is now his first priority. In all cases, the national flag is flown to the far right, in the position of honor.