The Venue: Scots Guesthouse, Jerusalem

Steeped in history, The Scots Guesthouse is one of the most historic buildings in Jerusalem.

In fact, its history dates back to the British Mandate period. Alongside landmarks such as Government House and the Central Post Office on Jaffa St., the Guesthouse was one of few buildings in the city built by the British rather than the Jewish organizations developing the then nascent state.

Its architecture, a fusion of Western and Eastern designs, is a fitting tribute to both its origin and its Middle Eastern whereabouts. From the veranda, patrons can enjoy an incredible view of the Old City.

In previous times, The Scots Guesthouse was known as a Hospice; nowadays it is a hotel open to the general public.

The wedding ceremony itself will take place outside the venue, overlooking the old city, while the meal will be served in its gardens.

Patrons participating in the overnight LockIn program will stay in the hotel after the wedding, during which time it will be closed off to the general public. Breakfast will be served the following morning.

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